Posted by: orquideablanca | October 1, 2008

Time Management Tips – Part I

Photo by rightee.

I am always wanting to learn about living a producitve life. That’s why I enjoy taking seminars, reading books and articles on the subject of Time Management. These are a few of my personal notes on the subject:

Setting Priorities Setting priorities is the first step in improving your productivity and achieving your goals. Tasks or objectives must be clearly stated and organized in a realistic sequence.

Values Think about your values and write down those that really matter to you. Cut out activities that aren’t consistent with your core values.

Many little bits make big bytes Make the bigger tasks easier to handle by breaking them down into smaller tasks that are easy to complete. You’ll be more likely to get started if a task doesn’t feel as though it’s a big deal.

To Do List When you’ve finished your to-do list for a specific task, go over it one more time and prioritize each task. Don’t make it too complicated, just have three levels of priority—“I Need to Do This,” “I’d Like To Do This” and “It’d Be Great If I Have Time To Do This.”

The Next Step Don’t ask “What’s more important?” Instead, ask “What am I going to focus on right now?”


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