Posted by: orquideablanca | October 2, 2008

Time Management Tips – Part II


Pciture by audreyjm529.

Working on Goals You can set many goals without worrying about spreading yourself too when you make a distinction between “setting” a goal and “working on” a goal.

Spread out your due dates Avoid setting a large number of difficult goals with tasks due at the same time.

Look for ways to combine goals and tasks For instance, if you have a goal to take a vacation and a goal to get better at photography, consider taking a travel photography class that spends a week in the wilderness snapping pics.

Milestones Each milestone you reach is a major, tangible step closer to your goal. It has special meaning as a measure of success, even though the complete goal has not yet been fully realized.

Rewards Celebrate and reward yourself when you reach a very important milestone, or when accomplish a goal.

Evaluation Set dates on a quarterly basis to set aside time to evaluate your progress on your goals (Example: March, June, Sept, Dec).



  1. I manage projects at work, so I often feel like someone who is planning 6 weddings at the same time. Prioritizing and celebrating both pose challenges. What fun.

  2. I confess my love for multi-tasking. But I have learned to keep the simple, simple. When possible, of course!

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