Posted by: orquideablanca | October 15, 2008

How to bring the best in your children


Photo by Brian Auer.


Be their friend. A real friend knows true feelings and passions. Determine to know your child’s.

Be part of their lives. It’s not just about knowing what they like. It’s about sharing the passion alonside them.

Be the one who teaches them about important things in life. Relationships. Career. Sex. Politics. Controversial issues, etc.

Share YOUR life with them. Involve them in everything that interests you.

Guide them. Without them even realizing it, children always need consistent guidance. A parent who has already traveled a road should take iniciative to lead and guide. Note: beware of becoming controlling.

Help them make God the only god in their lives. There is a need to continually help your children intentify and radically eliminate any idols in their lives.

Require a more disciplined lifestyle. When they are very young. When they are teenagers. When they are young adults. And as long as they live under your roof.


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