Posted by: orquideablanca | October 21, 2008

Christianity: The Big Picture

Photo by ramoo76.

As a Christian, when I think about life I try to see the big picture.

God created the world and mankind.
Man sinned against God.
Man no longer has the privilage of fellowship with his Creator.
Out of love, God provided a bridge for man to get to Him.
Jesus became that bridge, when He defeated death at Calvary.
I have been made free through Christ.
I am saved to spend eternity with my Creator in a Perfect World, Heaven.

So remind me again, why am I still on earth?
Paul said that for him to live was Christ, for the benefit of the ministry (Phil. 1:21,22). So I must conclude, every day should be an opportunity to get closer to being like Christ. Loving others, serving, forgiving, gving, praying, worshiping God, obeying Him. But, why?

I find two importante reasons:

That my life is used to help others find the love & hope that is only found in Christ
That my life is an encouragement to all brothers and sisters to shine with Christ’s love & hope

 These are high and noble callings.


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