Posted by: orquideablanca | October 23, 2008

Perspective: from a Daughter and Wife

Photo by zaza_bj.

I am very grateful that my dad chose to take upon him the responsibility of rearing and training his children in the way of the Lord. It is because of my dad’s and mom’s commitment to honor God as parents is that my five siblings and I honor and worship one God. I remember spending a lot of time, as a little girl, with my father and mother. It is from them that I learned almost everything I now know.

And now, I am extremely blessed to be married to someone who has chosen to step up to the call and be the father that God wants him to be. He has turned his back to society’s ideals for young men about ‘success.’ He has chosen his family over what the world wants from him. He has accommodated his work so that he can spend all day at home. I am so happy he is looking forward to the day our children can help him. THANK YOU ABE!

Here is an excerpt of a letter one wise man wrote to his two young sons:
Now I want to speak to you about being good fathers. While you are still young and unmarried, with no children, do what all of God’s creatures do – prepare the nest for their arrival. DON’T PUT YOURSELF IN AN OCCUPATIONAL POSITION THAT WILL LEAVE YOU OUT OF POSITION TO BE A GOOD FATHER. Plan your life’s trade so as to maximize your role as a father. Fathers who become absorbed in their success in business will make lousy fathers. If you gain the whole world and lose your child’s soul, what profit it is? Some workaholics will say they are doing it for their children – providing security, a good education, etc. Why is it that children of hardworking, absent fathers never appreciate their sacrifice, and even show disdain and contempt to their father’s success? The reason is that children are not fooled. They understand their father’s absence to be selfishness on his part and lack of lack of interest in them. They see their father get more satisfaction from his job that from their presence. Whether this be true or not, the results are the same. Business success always passes away; time spent with your children becomes permanent, eternal part of them. The education your child will need cannot be purchased at a university. It is purchased by the father in the many hours spent doing things with his children.



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